Projects With Donna

Feel Inspired

I have created this page to help inspire you.
Inspire you to create functional spaces that spark joy and calm. Inspire you to try new things, take on that project you have always wanted to do but never thought you could do it and to show that even a grandmother with a very full house and busy work schedule can still make time and be determined to get a job done one way or the other. Even if it comes with a few fumbles along the way.

I have always had a passion to create, change, renovate, design, organize and help! I do these things throughout my regular day without ever considering it work because I LOVE to do it.

Those that have trusted me with their hopes and dreams in the world of homeownership know that I never give up. I will always work towards giving you the best advice I can and the best part…. I never just give you a list and leave you to it. I’m there to help you every step of the way because I am not afraid to try something new, do it a different way or get my hands dirty.

The legal parts of contracts, well that’s the easy part. The gooey filling of the emotional transition, that’s the good stuff. The hard stuff. The best stuff.

My sister once said to me about all the projects I attempt:
“I love how you just try it, even if you don’t
know how to do something. You are not afraid to just do it."

That’s what inspires me……I hope this page helps to inspire you!  Until next time…

Closet Renovation

A little project to help my girls get organized. Now mornings should be a breeze to get ready and out the door! What organizational tips do you have to suggest? Maybe that will be my next project...


My Granddaughters Bedroom

Creating a new space is always so much fun! Have a look at this project I did for my granddaughter.  Sometimes our homes can feel messy and unorganized and that’s exactly when I decide to recreate the space. I hope this inspires you to not be afraid to try something new and to create a space you love in your own home.

Before and After Client Homes

Clients often ask me..... is it worth staging...or do I really need to paint this room, someone is just going to come and do it in the colour they want anyway? The short answer is YES you do!  

Although there are definitely some projects you can do to make a big impact and higher return on investment such as a new kitchen or bathroom, when considering putting your home for sale there are also some small things you can do to make your home more attractive to more buyers. This is the difference between improved value and saleability value.  The small things you can do to attract more buyers and in turn net a higher return than if you opted not to do them. 

If nobody can see past the shag carpet and dusty rose walls then that hurts your value. Not everyone can look past these things or see how they might look if it were changed. This can deter some buyers from offering on your home. The more people you appeal to, the more opportunity you have to sell for a higher price. 

Being able to have the vision on how a space can change with minimal expense while also giving it an upgrade to show it as a functional and stylish space is one of the many things I like to bring to the table for my clients. 

The before and after on these spaces show that with a little effort a space can go from .....1970 to 2022 in just a few short steps.

Ask yourself, which photo would you rather live in....the Before or the After? 


Remove fireplace, paint top to bottom including ceiling and all built-ins, design and decorate into a functional space.


Paint ceiling to floor, change lighting and show as a welcoming usable space.


Paint walls, add lighting, declutter, and open the space up to natural light.


Lighten the space by changing the colour scheme including art and furniture. Reposition the space into a welcoming area to gather.


Paint and design with a light and neutral decor.