If she didn't have the information - she got the info.  When she said she was going to do something - she did it. She stayed optimistic and confident through the whole process. 

Kim and Charles S.

Donna was amazing.  We will definitely be contacting her for any future real estate endeavours. 

Tom and Katie B.

Donna was fair and considerate, she was very helpful with a great sense of humour.  She went out of her way to help me. 

Maureen K.

Donna is experienced and professional with a great sense of humour!

John and Sandra B.

We loved Donna!  She was so helpful and kind and even stayed at our house until midnight to help us clean and pack.  I've never had such a wonderful real estate agent. 

Julia and Perry A.

Donna was awesome in every stage of selling and buying my houses.  She was very easy to deal with. 

Beth R.

Donna really impressed us by making us feel like we were top priority. With the Toronto condo market flourishing we had to be quick to view the properties, despite this she was very patient as it took several trips to Toronto before we could decide on a condo that would fit all our needs. 

Steve and Tessa C.

Donna was cheerful, pleasant, professional, knowledgeable, flexible and understanding of how stressful selling can be.  She made it easier for us, considering our work schedule, lifestyle and pets.  Thank you. 

Judy and Len G.

Donna was very helpful and knowledgeable and most importantly listened to and cared for what we had to say. 

Simon S.

Donna was extremely helpful, very courteous and gave good advise at every step in purchasing our home. She is also very professional and does her job very well. 

Khalid E.

Donna is knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and in tune with your real estate needs. Whether you are a first time buyer, moving to a larger property, or downsizing, Donna is the best real estate agent to help you make the most important move of your life for all the stages of your life.

Bill F.

Donna is by far the the most professional and personable Real Estate Agent we have ever worked with. Donna exceeded my expectations. Every time I think that she couldn't do better she does and totally delivers beyond what I expected. She gives 150% and is totally customer focused. 

P. Murphy

Donna is very professional, dedicated, caring & knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to use/recommend Donna again.

S. Moore

I liked Donna when we met her.  I really liked the communication. Donna was great.

Laurie Ann and Shawn B.

We felt comfortable and at ease with Donna.  She was very honest, knowledgable and available all hours during our listing time and easy to communicate with. She made us feel very comfortable and at ease.

Laurie and Ian G.

Donna was the greatest, such an easy person to get along with, we have become friends!

Cheryl and John B.

Donna made you feel like an "old friend".  She made you feel that she knew what you needed from "way back".

Bernice R.