Donna is by far the the most professional and personable Real Estate Agent we have ever worked with. Donna exceeded my expectations. Every time I think that she couldn't do better  she does and totally delivers beyond what I expected. She gives 150% and is totally customer focused. 

P. Murphy

Very professional, dedicated, caring & knowledgeable. Would not hesitate to use / recommend Donna again.

S. Moore

I liked her when we met her
 I really liked the communication. Donna was great.


Fergus and Rockwood

Laurie Ann and Shawn B

Comfortable and at ease
 Donna was very honest, knowledgable and available all hours during our listing time and easy to communicate with her. She made us feel very comfortable and at ease.



Laurie and Ian G

We just found her!
She was the greatest, such an easy person to get along with, we have become friends!


Cheryl and John B

 Donna made you feel like an "old friend" She made you feel that she knew what you needed from "way back"


Bernice R